How to Take Care of Your Skin – Our 6 Golden Rules

How to Take Care of Your Skin – Our 6 Golden Rules

Our overall health is largely dependent on personal body hygiene and body care. Dark circles under the eyes, body pimples, patches of redness and itchy skin are all indicators of the condition our body is in.

Are we getting enough sleep? What does our daily menu consist of? Are we constantly exposed to stress? Before we even try and look for excuses, our own epidermis will expose the truth.

Luminous skin is the result of proper, day-to-day care and by following these golden rules, it will be a true reflection of your radiant beauty.


1. When in doubt – take a shower?

A strong awareness of the importance of hygiene in today’s world, combined with an active lifestyle has increased the frequency of showering. Excessive exposure to water, as well as rough cleansing products, can dry out the skin and weaken its barrier function.

While cleansing the skin, the goal should simply be the removal of sweat, sebum and dirt. Try to shorten the bath time and reduce the water temperature: long exposure to hot water removes the good, natural fats from our skin.

Furthermore, use products that are mild (too much foaming is not a good indicator). Tap the skin with a towel instead of wiping to keep the skin moisturized (oil-based products are most effective when applied to moist skin).


2. Hydrated cells are your BFF

Skin hydration must become a daily habit! After drying the skin by gently tapping a towel over your body, apply a natural, mild cream to nourish the skin. This will restore the hydrolipid film that covers the epidermis. Remember that all skin types require hydration.

The structure of our skin is broadly diverse - different parts of our body behave differently and they suffer from different exposure to external forces. As a result, some parts of the body, such as the hands, feet, armpits, and scalp can greatly benefit from products that are specially designed for these areas.

A cleansed skin will absorb active ingredients better. The best skin foods are found in nature and not in glossy jars – good product choices are smart investments.


3. Eat wisely and drink plenty

A healthy, well-balanced diet is good for your body as well as for your skin. Your body requires adequate amounts of fluid to function properly. A glass of water when you wake up, breakfast teatime, mineral water during the day, herbal tea in the evening – it is all about the small, consistent steps. Even when green tea becomes too much of a cliché, red wine is a great source of antioxidants.

And what about a little daily detox in the form of a citrus snack? Why not! Citrus foods are known to be rich in Vitamin C slowing down the formation of wrinkles.

Don’t shy away from other fruits and veggies – they are nature’s candy and a healthy, plant-based diet will give your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs to glow.

Our favourite antioxidants include green leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach), yellow and orange fruits and vegetables (e.g. apricots, carrots), tomatoes, blueberries, lentils, peas and of course nuts.

Seal the deal with some high-quality, dark chocolate and you are good to go.


4. Don’t choose between UV protection and beauty

The sun has many positive effects on the body: it increases vitality, improves circulation and metabolic processes and activates the production of Vitamin D. There is a catch – we don’t really need big doses of it.

Our body can produce its own mechanisms of protection against the negative effects of UV rays - pigmentation, thickening of the outer layers of the skin, production of antioxidants as well as the creation of substances that filter the UV radiation, such as the urocanic acid.

Excessive exposure to UV rays is one of the main causes of premature skin aging and can lead to pathological changes in the skin. Applying sunscreen daily is paramount for healthy skin.

The SPF depends on the degree of pigmentation and sensitivity of the skin, as well as its type. It also depends on the season and the level and duration of sun exposure of your body, so take all of these into account when selecting a lotion.


5. Sweat, smile and repeat

A good workout not only helps burn calories but also speeds up the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Furthermore, exercise reduces cortisol levels and enhances the natural glow and health of the skin.

If you are not a big fan of speed walking or running, remember what sport you used to love as a kid and try it again - it is very important that you enjoy the activity in order to remain persistent. It is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Be good to your body and remember that taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up.


6.   Scrub up, often

Body scrubs are so important today, they help keep your skin refreshed and revitalized as the right body scrub can help remove harmful toxins that your skin naturally absorbs throughout the day.

Why do we say, “the right body scrub”? Well simply put, somebody scrubs have more active ingredients which are great for a wide range of things, from treating ACNE and Breakouts to helping fight the signs of ageing.

If possible, always go for a natural body scrub, the idea is to get rid of toxins, not use them more.

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