My Journey To Minimalism

My Journey To Minimalism

I love shopping. I love shopping for fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, and homeware.

My parents experienced the mortgage rate above 10% in the 1980s until the mid-1990s. Throughout my senior high school and university life, we were very careful with our spending. I think I had two pairs of sneakers, 3 pairs of jeans and 4 Tee shirts in my wardrobe plus a thick jacket for winter throughout that time. Entertainment was minimal for us.

Until I graduated from university and started working. I started to make my own money and have full control of it. Ironically, I went completely out of control. I started buying clothes, shoes, handbags, lots of them.

Before I started working, I could only ever window shopped outside my favourite fashion store, cue. I didn’t even dare to walk inside. Having that in store purchase experience was a dream. But I made that a reality since I received my first paycheck. For many years, I went shopping at cue every Thursday night and bought everything in size 6 in the shop most of the time I shop there. I invested so heavily in my professional image with their fashion. During sale time, I wouldn’t even look at the price tag. This goes on for a long time, my wardrobe was exclusively “cue” for a long long time.

Until my daughter arrived, I started to be a bit more careful with my spending. But my love for shopping did not die down. She owns a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes for any occasions, and hair accessories to go with every outfit.

When I was pregnant with my second child, we experienced a complicated pregnancy. Our baby boy’s safe arrival was a miracle to us. We were so grateful for having a healthy boy. I started to realise no “things” in life can give me the fulfilment and long-term happiness like having a healthy family. The spike of bringing new things home cannot compare to having a family to spend time with. I have less desire to buy things and more desire to just be with my family.

Last year I created a challenge for myself to not purchase any new clothes for 1 year. I purposely left all the promo emails in my inbox to test my strength. I lasted 250 days. But what I realised is that shopping addiction is like eating sugar, once you stop for a while, your carving goes.

I ended up buying something I really love after 250 days. But since, I haven’t really shopped excessively. I have slowly lost the desire to respond to the word ‘sale’ and lost the “Fear Of Missing Out”.

Since we became conscious in our buying behaviour for everything, we also regularly clear out what we don’t need in our lives from everyone’s wardrobes, toy boxes and the Knick knacks in the house. We are having more space and more time together now. We are not Marie Kondo, but we found our balance in minimalism.

We also have more mind space to follow our passion, we recently created our own business to promote our core value in sustainability living. We really like our current lifestyle and the benefits of living with less.  


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