Natural and Organic Care - Unveiling the Secret to Glowing Skin

Natural and Organic Care - Unveiling the Secret to Glowing Skin

Our own skin – an echo of our inner wellbeing and the biggest sensory organ dominating the way we experience the world around us. There is not a single magic cosmetic ingredient that can measure up with the ingenious regenerative mechanisms that the skin itself possesses. Nature certainly has its own wizardry.

When applying cosmetics, we should be primarily helping the skin in its duty of nourishment and regeneration thus boosting natural functions. By taking a moment to evaluate our day-to-day skincare strategy and asking ourselves ‘‘Is my skin cared for properly or is it simply a mere illusion?’’, we are shattering the lies and gaining power by recognising the truth.

If we are insistent on applying artificial ingredients that don’t resonate with the DNA of our skin, we are setting ourselves up for failure. The skin is going to forget its function and won’t be able to cope with the slightest irritation. Most skincare products found in our homes, drugstores as well as in high-end cosmetic stores are based on paraffin oil and other petroleum products that are simply non-physiological to our skin. These counterfeit ingredients remain on the surface retaining moisture but at the same time clogging the pores. If we are really set on feeding the skin, it must be done with components that our skin recognises as its own.

The facts

The average woman absorbs about 33 pounds (15kg) of cream ingredients during her lifetime. Natural cosmetics are not just a trend – they are a gift to us in the service of beauty and care; we associate them usually with herbal substances (vegetable oils, extracts, butter's, essential oils) that have not been tested on animals.

The Healthy Alternative

Ingredients like essential oils nourish the skin while also providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in a way that holds onto the good bacteria and destroys pathogens. When properly used, they regenerate and sooth. Aroma-cosmetics also target the central nervous system promoting a good mood. Don’t forget – friends don’t let friends buy essential oils from the grocery store. Always go for the good stuff.

Notably, herbal products will preserve moisture, challenging your skin to be active. Plants contain valuable oils inside their seeds. Their composition is similar to the oils our skin produces on its own, making them easy to absorb and become part of a protective barrier. Mineral oils, on the other hand, remain on the surface.

Gratification to Mother Earth and Yourself

By choosing natural products, we also play a role in sustaining biodiversity. When natural beauty products are planted, farmed and manufactured, the whole life chain is considered, and the environmental impact is kept at a realistic minimum. A bonus to the overall holistic approach is also that the sophisticated array of smells we get to enjoy through these products doesn’t cause allergies or headaches.  

Commit to the Herbal Regimen

Switching from chemically induced to natural skincare cosmetics is a process that will most definitely improve the health and appearance of our skin but will also contribute to the well-being of our whole bodies and the planet we all share. The benefit is global – not just personal. Patience pays off and will be richly rewarded, so trust in nature – it will always speak the truth.


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