Skin and The City – How Does Being Urban Affect Us (For Real)

Skin and The City – How Does Being Urban Affect Us (For Real)

Life in the city can be a source of immense fun – with a plethora of events, places to go out to, cuisines from all over the world and so many activities to pick from. It is almost like an everlasting roller-coaster of decisions.

Still, we cannot deny that the daily traffic jams can sometimes make us feel like we are riding on the roads of total anarchy. Apart from this little civilization flaw, life in the city has another major drawback: pollution. It has a negative impact on our overall health and especially on the first protective layer of the body and our largest organ - the skin.

Find out below how life in the city affects the skin negatively and what we can do to compensate for the daily exposure to pollutants.

Probing the Outer Layer of the Problem 

It seems that in the last few years the problem of air pollution has reached the public spotlight and gained a place at the very top of the list of world environmental problems. Hallelujah to that! As we develop an awareness of the air we breathe, the quality of our skin is there to remind us how much we live in an (un) suitable environment.

How exactly does air pollution affect the skin?

Certain pollutants in the air can be up to 30 times smaller than the size of our pores. It is, therefore, not difficult to conclude that these undesirable particles can penetrate our pores and thus reach the deepest layers of the skin.

When they do, these contaminants can damage the skin's DNA, causing changes in the process of natural aging.

Now, this does sound a little creepy and like something we would rather not think about. But if you look closely, you will notice this phenomenon on your own - the skin of people who live in the city ages faster compared to those who spend their daily lives in rural areas.

Polluted air can thus be responsible for accelerating signs of aging on the skin, causing wrinkles as well as various problems with pigmentation. This environment also dries the skin, damaging its hydration, beautiful complexion, and radiant appearance. All you have worked so hard for! 

The positive changes related to air pollution in the city cannot come as quickly with the help of external factors, but what can we do to repair the effects on the skin and compensate for its daily exposure to pollution?

The first step is to realize that not only is the air in the city is polluted, but these nasty little germs are also hidden indoors, sometimes even in a higher concentration. Therefore, it would be advisable to do everything you can to keep the air in your indoor environment as clean as possible.

No need to go full OCD with the cleaning schedule right away, so why don’t you start with air purifiers and regular ventilation? Today’s goal: start building good habits to freshen the air in your environment.  

Fighting Polluted Air with Natural Cosmetics

Let us spill the beans on proper, urban skincare.

In order to compensate for the harmful influences of the urban environment, your skin needs a breath of nature, and the best way to do so is with cosmetics that have been created using only natural ingredients.

The OWNSKIN brand is a perfect blend of science and nature and is a favorite choice of ladies whose skin is exposed to the adverse effects of the urban environment on a daily basis. The products are infused with antioxidants which are known to be excellent fighters against free radicals that cause negative effects on the skin.

In addition, regular cleaning is particularly important as it will remove all the dirt and unwanted particles from the skin’s surface, but also from the pores. Only after cleansing the skin with a natural facial cleanser will it be ready for further, effective care. Check out our new OwnSkin Face Cleanser – it is Australian made, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

During the day, be sure to apply a cream with a high sun protection factor.

What to do after cleansing the skin and applying a serum?

The next step is a night cream that will penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, stimulate its renewal, and nourish it with natural ingredients.

Your skin is constantly exposed to smog, smoke, pollution and excessive stress. You will see the best and fastest effects of adequate skin care if you apply all these new habits at the same time and be persistent in your new routines.

Think green - it will make your skin smile!

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