The path to Natural

The path to natural.

Every day we’re surrounded by so many artificial products that we kind of felt… disjointed from nature. It was one of those moments that hit us in early development of this concept where all we could find was products that had some kind of unnatural element in them, and that included the elements derived from nature, I mean they didn’t even those.

To be fair we did find a few but for us, a few wasn’t good enough.

We didn’t want to put any unnatural elements on our skin and then hope for the best, for us it was about letting nature do what she does best.

So we became dedicated to making sure that we had Natural ingredients in our products, and that’s where our journey really began to take shape.

It was funny to see the excitement levels go up in the room when we simply decided to go all natural, how could something so small be so big in the scheme of things? We don’t know why but we didn’t fight the drive. 

Fast Forward to what we have now, a range of natural body scrubs, each with their own essential oils to give you a unique sensation and feeling across the board.

We’re always looking to do better, so if you have any suggestions, please send us a message so we can look into it.

Remember, you are Beautiful in your own skin.